When you chose me to do your wedding or event, you are receiving a package entirely unique to you. Your flowers have already been grown by me in my garden before we have ever met! As an Artisan cut flower grower, I carefully curate a collection of florals to grow with the seasons. Each seed or bulb is grown and cultivated by me, ensuring the very best quality of the flower. I also choose to grow more unusual flowers, with an emphasis on colour, that will really make your bouquet or event, pop. I tend to not follow trends, but instead grow such a collection that you get to set your own trend by choosing the flowers I have, in season at the time of your wedding. All bouquets are hand-tied and finished off with velvet and silk frayed ribbons. 
Seasonal flowers, are just that and unfortunately, as we can have severe weather in the winter months, I cannot supply full blooms at this time. However, Winter brides need not worry, together we can locally source your ideal floral package from trusted suppliers.
Once you have selected the flowers you love, I then begin to create your unique vision, through mood boards and consultations. I grow a limited run of each flower, so all blooms used are one-off. From beautiful Anemones, pretty Ranunculus and stunning Dahlias to big blousy Oriental Poppies, The Florist on The Hill, will have a bloom for you. There won't be another wedding or event that is the same as yours, creating a very special experience for the most unique bride & groom. Also, Exclusive to The Florist on The Hill, you can have your bouquet ribbons personalised with your name, initials, wedding date or a line from your 1st dance song. 
I want your flowers to have sentiment and meaning as well as colour and beauty. 

If you have a favourite flower of a loved one or a flower that has another special meaning to you, I will gladly try and grow or source this for you, so you have extra sentiment to your special day. I can add ‘Bouquet keepsake charms’ to your bouquet, so you have a picture of someone you love attached to your flowers, allowing them to be with you as you walk up the aisle. There is the option of fresh or dried confetti, made from flowers of sentiment to ‘shower you with love’ after you’ve said, I do! 
You can now have your bouquet or button holes, preserved in resin, and saved forever, please enquire  !
Hello Gorgeous ! Thank you for contacting The Florist on the Hill, we will be in touch shortly! While you are waiting on our reply, Why not check out our Instagram page for more fabulous flowers @Thefloristonthehill Carolyn x
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